Michael Stewart

November 20, 1957 - September 27, 2021

In Loving Memory

We are honored to pay tribute to Mike Stewart

A lifelong friend and horse partner who went above and beyond for us as a trail guide and for all the horses he loved and rescued.

I first met Mike at Sunday school – he had to have been 6 or 7 years old. He was a tall kid with bright red hair and was dressed like a cowboy. Mike and I have been friends every since. I watched Mike grow over the years from a young boy through law school and then to a young family. The first time I met Jake he was about a year and a half old. I gave him a pair of spurs that my grandfather had given me as a small boy. I remember this occasion very well because Jake had a skunk in his chaps! I hope and pray that Jake can fill his dad’s shoes. Mike was a total giving person who went out of his way to help anyone, even strangers. Family was very important to him and they came before him. Mike has helped me when no one else would and Jake has told me that Mike felt like we were brother. I guess we were brothers in Christ. We both loved horses, the mountains and we had joined a 501C3 group that helps veterans through horse therapy for PTSD. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran with PTSD.

During this last summer Mike had help from another veteran who suffers PTSD named Luke. Luke has told me that the rides he went on with Mike were the best he had felt in years and he is going for more therapy now. Mike could always take a bad moment and turn it into a comical joke making us both laugh. I will miss him. It was always planned that I would pass first and leave a lot of my material things to Mike, such as horses, tack. Now I know from the experience that Luke had with Mike that I will leave those possessions to our 501c3 group to continue helping other just as Mike always did.

RIP My Friend

You will be missed!

Dean Rusk

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