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1890's High Mountain Picnic! The Historic Pines Ranch
Cusack Children and Cousins play on site!
The first Wedding at the Historic Pines Ranch ~ Held in 1889!
The Pines Ranch is one of America's old-time guest ranches.  

Established in 1882 by Reginald Cusack, it quickly
became a popular
retreat that focused on promoting the
Colorado Mountains
and a healthier way of life.  
The same atmosphere of rustic
elegance that identified
The Pines for over a century has been combined
with modern
conveniences to ensure
charm and comfort for our current guests

Born in Ireland in 1860 Reginald suffered from
asthma and came to America when he was only 20
looking for a dryer climate.  
Reginald's mother came from Europe in 1887 to see
what her  young son was up to in America.
She brought along a young English
woman as her traveling companion
named Gertrude or Mippy
as she was called.

Mippy and Reginald fell in love and were married here
at the Pines Ranch in 1889.
Together they started hosting guests in
their home which is now the Old Lodge.  
Reginald Cusack founder of the Pines Ranch
Gertrude Edith Urquhart ~ known as Mippy Cusack ~ Mistress of the Pines Ranch!

The Pines Ranch was given it's name by Congress in 1911
In 1984 when Dean Rusk purchased the Pines the
Old Lodge was the only building on site.  There was no door on
the house and he found mountain lion tracks in snow that had
collected inside the house!

Dean was able to fully restore the Lodge with original
materials he found carefully packed away in the
cellar of the home.

Open with the intent of sharing this gorgeous site
with as many guests as possible Dean wanted to carry
on the Cusack Family Tradition by continuing
to provide family's a wonderful and Historic
destination for vacations and Weddings.   

We welcome you to our ranch and home and encourage you to
tour the Old Lodge for a  rare  peek back in history!
Reginald and Mippy treated their guests
to hiking, picnicking, fishing, hunting
and horseback riding just as we do today!
Walls and Floors alike are covered in original hardwood.  The Craftmanship is Extraordinary!
In Original condition the Lodge is Beautifully Furnished!
The Old Lodge is still open for tours!
Reginald worked at various jobs around Colorado
before coming to the Wet Mountain Valley,
including herding sheep and as a cook.  The first
cabin built at the Pines was called Bachelor's Rest
because Reggie rented rooms to single men who
worked around the valley.
Mippy also suffered from asthma
and the drier climate of Colorado
was beneficial for her health
In 1938 Reginald wrote: "Nearly blind and deaf, threatened
with skin cancer, unable to do much work and broke".

Reggie lived his life here at the Pines Ranch entertaining
and raising his family.  He passed away in 1947.  

The Pines Ranch changed hands several times after that but
it was
always used as it was originally planned; as a wonderful
vacation spot.

From approx 1965 to 1984 the Pines Ranch sat empty.  
Reggie and Mippy had 6 children
born between 1890 and 1906
A cowboy friend and his horse Golena
Reggie and Mippy's Wed in 1889!
The First Wedding here on-site!
This old time cowboy was a friend of Reggie's
Rustic Weddings with a Vintage Flair!  Photo courtsey of Earlybird Productions