We are excited to announce that the current management of
the Historic Pines Ranch is changing hands and the future looks bright!

We have partnered with the non-profit organization the Historic Pines Ranch Preservation
Association to help sustain/maintain the historic aspects of our ranch and to continue providing
a wholesome, restful atmosphere for all who visit.  

The Historic Pines Ranch Preservation Association is a nonprofit group that was started by a
family of Colorado natives intent on protecting the history and beauty of this amazing ranch.  
Their mission is to preserve and cultivate the heritage and longstanding legacy of the Historic
Pines Ranch.
They are actively raising funds to acquire the ranch so that it can continue as a restful haven for
years to come.  Please visit their website to learn more
Or if you are interested in making a meaningful tax deductible contribution

The "HPP Association" will be working with us to learn our current business of hosting
Spectacular Rustic Weddings and Fun Family Reunions while they pursue fund - raising to
purchase the ranch.

Once purchase is complete they will still host weddings & families and will continue raising funds
to help offset the costs of vacations for those who need assistance.

In particular they want to help ensure those who work in helping professions (social services;
teachers; first responders; medical personnel, etc) veterans; active duty military; foster and
adoptive families and low income families have access to the restful atmosphere of the ranch.

Help us in helping them!  
Your donation will ensure the Historic Pines Ranch continues to be a Wonderful,
Historic and Peaceful Destination for all!
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The Historic Pines Ranch Preservation Association
The Historic Pines Preservation Association - Left to Right
Kyle and Andrea Schlafer, their girls Mackayla, Abigal and Haily
Tracey Schlafer and Scott Talley along with his dog Duper!
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